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Event Planning in Chicago - The best event planning, event management, event equipment, entertainment and event marketing companies in Chicago. These event planning companies are approved by Click Event Cities below to go directly to their sites.

The Chicago Event Planning network is the number one directory for any corporate event planning need in Chicago. It is a private network of the top event planners in Chicago that understand the direct relationship between successful event planning and business results.

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Brave New Markets - Digital Growth Company
Brave New Markets Brave New Markets is the innovative digital growth company that increases attendance and success at events. From conferences and trade shows to meetings and product launches, Brave New Markets has the proven expertise to make it a success.
U.S. Mobile Kitchens - U.S. Mobile Kitchens – Mobile Kitchen, Dining and Specialty Facilities
U.S. Mobile Kitchens U.S. Mobile Kitchens Contact U.S. Mobile Kitchens for sales, rental and leasing of custom mobile kitchen trailers, modular kitchen units, dining and other specialty facilities. We specialize in on-demand kitchens for special events, renovations, disaster relief and military services throughout North America.
Designing Events - Event Planning, Event Management, Meeting Planning
Designing Events Designing Events is a premier global provider of planning, management and marketing services for events, meetings and conferences. Our focus areas include planning and managing corporate sales meetings, pharmaceutical investigator meetings, and association conferences.


Chicago Event Planners & Corporations Looking For Event Planners in Chicago, this Chicago Event Planners directory is an exclusive listing of select event planning companies in Chicago. This concept has been developed for corporations that want to grow their business and are searching for the best event planners in Chicago.

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